Post911Timeline.Org was originally started in May of 2003 to gather information and resources about how the world was changing post September 11th. It was started because certain American citizens were concerned how it was changing. Two and a half years later, many changes continue and these people are as concerned as ever.

The First Two Years
Shortly after 9-11 the War on Terror was declared, the US Patriot Act was signed, and Homeland Security was created. This, unfortunately, was only the beginning. To this day the American people still do not understand exactly what happened on 9-11. Instead we are told that terrorists around the world are a great threat to us, that they hate us because we are the “brightest beacon for freedom in the world”, and they will continue to be a threat, possibly for decades to come. As a result, new legislation is signed into law, virtually without debate, and government has grown bigger and more powerful than ever. These laws take away our rights to keep us “free” and government continues to grow to keep us “safe”. In addition, we are in a perpetual state of war for “peace”, without an end in sight.

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